if helpful:

Postfix Domain Rewriting

Details for configuring postfix to rewrite email domain addresses

Postfix Domain Relaying

Details for configuring postfix to forward email for specific domains

Procmail with clamd and spamassassin

Details for configuring procmail to filter out spam and virus infected email

Python Iterables

Sample code for making a python object iterable

CSS Body Wallpaper

Sample CSS to ensure a website body wallpaper correctly fills the whole page as you'd expect

Apache Reverse Proxy

Creating an apache reverse proxy so internal sites are visible from a main domain

RedHat and CentOS Applied Fixes

Details for how to identify which fixes have been applied to a rpm package

apache poodle

Security settings to put in place to mitigate an apache server against POODLE attacks

Running a jnlp file

Work had me access a Cisco ASDM today, however, its management console is java based. Trying to excute the java file on OSX has it screaming for Java v6. I always thought that older versions were supported, but this does not appear to be the case.

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