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Python packages location

A quick way to find out where the python interpreter looks for its packages

find a file containing specific text

A simple oneliner to find files containing specific text inside them

PHP encode empty objects in JSON

How to ensure PHP's json_encode() produces an object

MySQL Insert or Update

MySQL based SQL command to insert a row or update a value if the row exists

Python execfile

Python3 has removed the execfile() function, so here's a simple definition to use as a replacement

MySQL Show Columns

MySQL can display details about a table schema via standard SQL commands

Postfix Domain Rewriting

Details for configuring postfix to rewrite email domain addresses

Postfix Domain Relaying

Details for configuring postfix to forward email for specific domains

Procmail with clamd and spamassassin

Details for configuring procmail to filter out spam and virus infected email

Python Iterables

Sample code for making a python object iterable

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