Below are applications written by BSDnexus. Unless otherwise stated, my applications are written in ANSI C with a BSD Licence, and should compile with any ANSI C compatible compiler; all have been tested with gcc.


"the perfect acompanyment to squid"

Latest Release: retsina-1.0.1.tar.gz
MD5 : 26f8f39b920af77e93ec2e5a5c5984db

Retsina is a redirector and access controller for Squid. It uses a database backend to manage the URL lists and their various domains and can be seen as a replacement for squidGuard.

Some reasons to consider using retsina include:


Latest Release: wmpdf-1.0.tar.gz
MD5() = 5590dce7b2d3123ed4943f1747968d82

wmpdf is a C library of routines for the programmatic generation of Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) documents. The programmer is responsible for the management of the data while wmpdf manages the production of the PDF itself.

It should build out-of-the-box on most UNIX systems as there is no dependecy on external libraries.


Latest Release: wpop3d-1.2.tar.gz
MD5() = 6986df1e9f85ae04592fbfd74acb4607

wpop3d is a pop3 server for retrieval of remote mail on a UNIX system. It complies to the RFC1939 specification, suppporting options such as virtual maildrops and disabling root and system user maildrop access.

It will build on FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD out-of-the-box; Linux requires that the OpenSSL libraries are installed.